Brazilian Butt Lifts Are on the Rise in 2018

2018 should see a continuing rise in Brazilian Butt Lifts (pardon the pun). The difference is that the Kim Kardashian oversized butt trend is giving way to substantial subtlety as Fat Transfer to the butt is gaining popularity with many older women and men who want a more natural looking bottom, much like they had when they were in their twenties and thirties.  Case in point, recently a 60+ patient decided that her little old lady butt bothered her enough to seek Dr. Schlechter’s expertise to help her restore her curvy bottom of yore.

Brazilian Butt Lift Before and After Photo

Dr. Schlechter took fat from the patient’s abdomen, flanks, and lower back to create a more hourglass waistline and transferred that fat to round out her otherwise flat bottom. This approach to the Brazilian Butt Lift works very well for post-menopausal women who tend to become thicker in the middle and flatter in the rear.

With regard to fat transfers in general, while there is no set weight for a person to have a fat transfer, there has to be enough fat to harvest. If a person is thin, it is likely that the fat will be liposuctioned from multiple areas to have enough fat to make a difference in the transfer site. Depending on the type of shape you are seeking, fat will be placed in specific areas to achieve the ideal volume and shape. It is the strategic placement of the harvested fat that is the key to a successful transfer, which is where the doctor’s skill and artistry come into play. The fat will be inserted into many different areas of the buttocks at different depths and different locations so that it is surrounded by tissue that offers a good blood supply. If not injected properly, the fat cells will not survive the transfer, and thus will become necrotic. Dr. Schlechter uses many small, precise injections into different areas and takes each patient’s desired look into consideration so that patient can achieve the look she or he wants. As Dr. Schlechter injects the fat, he uses massage techniques and feels around to make sure the fat is evenly distributed and smooth around the entire buttocks. Of course, there will always be some fat that is reabsorbed by the body during transfer, but Dr. Schlechter’s technique results in minimal fat loss. In fact, Dr. Schlechter recently invested in the latest technology that allows for the harvesting and transfer of the fat within a closed system, thus allowing for a complete, systemic approach from harvesting cannula to re-injecting cannula.

Brazilian Butt Lift Before and After Photo

Ultimately as we age, the odds are against us in the battle of the bulge and the fight against gravity. We seem to deflate in places we don’t want to, like our faces, our breasts, and our behinds. We sometimes acquire a belly pooch and an all-around thicker middle. Luckily with a skilled plastic surgeon armed with the highest quality equipment, the playing field is leveled, and you can achieve a body contouring transformation with the transfer of your very own fat. – Not a Kardashian butt mind you, simply a more natural, youthful, shapely silhouette.

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