PrecisionTx™ (Laser Neck Lift)

As we age, gravity takes its toll on the tissues of the neck. The skin becomes loose and tends to sag. Jowls commonly form as the result of excess sagging skin and fat deposits. The neck loses its overall youthful contours, and the jawlines loses its definition. All these things make you look older, and issues like jowls and a turkey wattle can make you look overweight even when you are not. A traditional neck lift is one way of correcting these problems, but for a minimally invasive option given the appropriate candidate that results in little to no scarring, consider PrecisionTx™.

PrecisionTx™ Minimally Invasive Neck Lift

PrecisionTx™ is a breakthrough in the field of neck contouring. The PrecisionTx™ laser can provide results that are comparable to those achieved with a traditional neck lift without the need to undergo major surgery. Improvements begin to take effect immediately, and the improvement continues in the months following the procedure. Final results may take up to 6 months to achieve.

Overall a great experience with terrific results. The PrecisionTx surgery experience was smooth and virtually painless. – LI

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How Is a PrecisionTx™ Neck Lift Performed?

A PrecisionTx™ neck lift is performed with a laser. Local anesthesia is used so you do not feel any pain. Then, three small holes are made in the area being treated. A fiber optic cable carries the laser energy to a 2mm cannula that is inserted under the skin. Your doctor will guide the beam along the underside of the dermal layer of skin, causing the tissue to heat and coagulate. This results in tightening of the dermal layer of the skin. The laser also stimulates collagen production. The heat cauterizes the tissue, minimizing bleeding and bruising.

Am I a Candidate for PrecisionTx™?

Because the procedure is minimally invasive, you may be a good candidate for a PrecisionTx™ laser neck lift even if you are not a candidate for traditional cosmetic surgery. You should be in good overall health and have realistic expectations. PrecisionTx™ can be performed to lift and tighten jowls, reduce the appearance of a turkey wattle and restore youthful curves to the neck. Depending on the amount of correction needed you may be able to see comparable results to a formal neck lift procedure.

PrecisionTx™ Recovery

You can return home a couple hours after your procedure. Pain and bruising are usually minimal and go away within a couple days. To ensure the best results, you may be required to wear a compression garment around your neck for up to two weeks. You will notice some results right away, but the results will continue to develop for up to six months. There is virtually no scarring since only three small tiny incisions are made under the chin and in the earlobe crease.

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