Renuvion® Skin Tightening for the Body

Weight loss, pregnancy, and age-related tissue breakdown all result in skin and tissue laxity. Renuvion® skin tightening for the body offers a less invasive alternative to traditional surgery for patients who are interested in tightening skin contours and slimming their physique.

This minimally invasive treatment administers a combination of helium plasma and radiofrequency energy beneath the skin to promote skin contraction and tone areas of unwanted laxity.

Who Can Benefit From Renuvion® Skin Tightening for the Body?

Renuvion® skin tightening addresses mild to moderate skin laxity throughout the body and offers a secondary option for patients who may have previously been recommended for surgery. This procedure restores and increases collagen production, making it an ideal choice for patients who are trying to combat loose skin on the body.

Candidates for Renuvion® Skin Tightening for the Body

Renuvion® is appropriate for patients with mild to moderate skin laxity who are in good health, have realistic expectations of their results, and do not smoke. While this is a skin tightening procedure, it may not be appropriate for patients who have lost significant weight and have hanging skin.

Patients with extensive skin laxity are still better suited for a tummy tuck to eliminate excess skin and stubborn fat deposits, an arm lift to give more definition to the upper arms, or possibly a thigh lift to slim and tone the legs.

This treatment can treat nearly any region of the body, including the:

  • Abdomen
  • Chest
  • Back
  • Arms
  • Thighs
  • Neck

What Does Your Renuvion® Skin Tightening Treatment Entail?

Renuvion® skin tightening for the body combines helium plasma with radiofrequency energy to target areas of laxity.

Helium plasma is the conversion of helium gas into a cold atmospheric plasma. This process occurs when the gas is passed through an energized electrode and combined with RF energy.

The combination of helium plasma and radiofrequency energy is administered beneath the skin by the Renuvion® probe to heat the tissues, stimulate collagen production, and force tissue contraction.

Renuvion® skin tightening for the body requires small incisions near the treatment site. It is through these incisions that the probe is inserted and the treatment is administered. These incisions heal well and may not even require sutures.

The skin is heated at a cooler temperature with Renuvion® than with other skin-tightening procedures. Therefore, there is less damage to the surrounding cells. This temperature allows for a more comfortable and quicker recovery period.

How Much Does Renuvion® Skin Tightening Cost?

The final cost of your Renuvion® skin tightening treatment will vary depending on the size of the treatment areas, anesthesia fees, facility fees, surgeon’s fees, and any combination procedures. Dr. Schlechter will provide you with an accurate cost estimate during your consultation once he has evaluated your skin condition. You can find price estimates by seeing our Plastic Surgery Procedure Pricing Guide for additional information.

What Kind of Renuvion® Results and Recovery Can You Expect for the Body?

skin tightening in Wyomissing, PA

After Renuvion® skin tightening of the body, patients can expect to see the noticeable reduction of mild to moderate skin laxity on the abdomen, arms, thighs, chest, and back. These tighter contours will begin to show immediately but will continue to improve over the following three to six months as collagen production increases.

Renuvion® skin tightening is less invasive than traditional surgery and requires no post-operative scarring or extended downtime. Most patients experience mild bruising and swelling during the first week, which is lessened with over-the-counter pain medications, such as TYLENOL®.

Results with Renuvion® will be long-lasting, but additional skin laxity can occur, and repeated treatments may eventually be desired.

Would You Like to Find Out More About Renuvion® Skin Tightening for the Body?

If you are interested in learning more about how Renuvion® skin tightening for the body can help you, contact Dr. Schlechter at Spring Ridge Plastic Surgery by calling 610-678-9200 or by filling out our online contact form. Dr. Schlechter offers services to his patients in Wyomissing and Reading, PA.

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