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Spring Ridge Plastic Surgery is proud to feature SculpSure®, the most sought after laser fat reduction and skin-tightening system in the cosmetic surgery industry, along with truSculpt™, another laser fat reducing system and skin tightening system. Laser fat reduction is a noninvasive approach to reducing targeted areas of adipose tissue where fat cells are stored. Varieties of laser technologies tout themselves as the latest and greatest solution for getting rid of stubborn fat. Some technologies use radio frequency to break up the fat pockets, some promise to freeze fat cells to death, and others use heat to melt away the fat, but no other system delivers what SculpSure® can.

Am I a Candidate for SculpSure®?

Because the procedure is non-invasive, it is an attractive alternative to other liposuction procedures. If you are in overall good health, with a body mass index (BMI) of approximately 30 or below and have 25 minutes to spare to target and destroy fat cells from your abdomen or flanks (love handles), SculpSure® may be right for you. When you come in for your complimentary consultation, your doctor will determine if you are a candidate and recommend a treatment plan so that you can achieve optimal results.

The SculpSure® Procedure

SculpSure® treatments take place in our laser room. Following your doctor’s treatment plan, your coordinator or nurse will attach the applicators to your targeted area, either your abdomen or love handles. You will feel a warming sensation as the light-based laser permanently destroys up to 24 percent of the fat cells in that area. After 25 minutes, the applicators are removed, and you can return to work, home, or wherever else you would like to go. In the following six to eight weeks, your body will absorb the fat cells that were destroyed during your SculpSure® session. A minimum of two sessions is recommended for optimal results.

Am I a Candidate for truSculpt™?

truSculpt™ works for people looking to get rid of stubborn areas of fat on their upper arms, neck, back, hips, thighs, knees, or “cankles.” If you are in good overall health, are not pregnant, do not have a cardiac pacemaker or internal defibrillator, and do not have metal implants in the target area, you may a candidate for truSculpt™. When you come to The Spa at Spring Ridge, your aesthetician will determine if you are a candidate and customize a treatment plan for you.

The truSculpt™ Procedure

Fat reduction with the truSculpt™ system is performed at our med-spa, The Spa at Spring Ridge, by one of our licensed laser technicians. The technician will attach an adhesive conductor pad to your skin and then using the truSculpt™ handheld device; will deliver pulses of radio frequency (RF) energy directly to problem areas. Each pulse lasts an average of four minutes. The technician then moves the handpiece to the adjacent area and continues at that spot for another four minutes. This process is repeated until the entire targeted area has been treated. The RF energy destroys the fat cells, which are then broken down and disposed of through the body’s natural processes. For most patients, a minimum of two treatments is needed in each area to obtain the desired results.

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Recovery from SculpSure® and truSculpt™ Fat Reduction

There is no downtime associated with either SculpSure® or truSculpt™ treatments. What you will notice is that over the few weeks following your treatment session the targeted areas will continue to shrink as your body absorbs the destroyed fat cells. After your initial session, you should schedule a second treatment approximately six weeks later. Many people only require two SculpSure® treatments to reach their optimal result, yet some need up to four sessions. With truSculpt™, many see their desired result after two sessions, with some needing up to eight sessions.

Terms to Know

Adipose Tissue

Adipose tissue is connective tissue in which fat is stored and which has the cells distended by droplets of fat.


Body mass index (BMI) is a simple index of weight-for-height that is commonly used to classify underweight, overweight, and obesity in adults. It is defined as the weight in kilograms divided by the square of the height in meters (kg/m2).


What are the side effects of these fat reduction systems?

Immediately following your treatment session, you may experience redness, sweating and mild tenderness in the treated areas. Usually, this resolves in a few hours.

How will I know which system is best suited for my needs?

If your trouble spot is your abdomen or love handles, SculpSure® is the right fat reducing, skin tightening system for you. If you are concerned with your upper arms, neck, back, thighs, or “cankles,” truScuplt™ is the system for you.

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