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Sometimes, women who have received breast implants desire a change through implant exchange. Revisionary breast surgery can exchange a woman’s breast implants to help her achieve the appearance she desires.

Reasons for Implant Exchange

When a woman is dissatisfied with her results from breast augmentation, she can undergo breast revision to exchange her implants. Many women undergo breast revision with Dr. Schlechter because their initial surgeon was unable to capture the vision they had for their results. Others may wish to exchange their implants because their preferences have shifted over time. For example, many older women decide years after their breast augmentation procedure that they no longer want large implants. At any point after breast augmentation, a woman can exchange her implants for those of a different size, shape, material, profile, etc. to improve her results.

Implant exchange may, at times, be necessary for women who experience capsular contracture or other complications or for women whose heavy implants are accelerating the rate of breast sagging.

To prevent the need for implant exchange, Dr. Schlechter uses VECTRA® XT 3D Imaging to help his patients visualize their appearance with implants before breast augmentation surgery is performed. He also facilitates a detailed and open discussion of all relevant points, including the woman’s preferences and anatomic realities, so that he and the patient are both on the same page.

The Solution Through Breast Revision

Breast revision for implant exchange can be performed whenever it is desired, whether that is soon after breast augmentation or even many years later. Dr. Schlechter will discuss your goals with you in detail to make certain that breast revision with implant exchange will yield the results you seek. Once your new implants have been selected, Dr. Schlechter will perform your surgery to exchange them. This may require adjustment of the scar capsule, removal of tissue, or tightening and other adjustments to the tissues to produce better results. This procedure is a major surgery and will have a recovery period, as was the case with your initial breast augmentation. Dr. Schlechter will work with you to ensure that your new implants meet your aesthetic goals. The results of breast revision surgery with implant exchange can help you feel more comfortable with your body and more confident in your appearance.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Benjamin Schlechter is highly experienced in performing breast surgery and frequently performs breast augmentation and breast revision to help women improve their appearance. To learn more about how he can help you achieve the breast appearance you desire, request your complimentary consultation with Dr. Schlechter. Call us at (610) 678-9200 or complete our online consultation form, and we will help you book your appointment.

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