When Is Breast Reduction Recommended?

Most plastic surgery procedures have primarily aesthetic benefits. As they enhance the appearance, they are often accompanied by additional benefits such as improved self-confidence and quality of life. However, there is one procedure that may be recommended for reasons other than aesthetics. This procedure is breast reduction, and it is often recommended for patients with the following needs. With its incredibly high patient satisfaction rate, breast reduction can greatly improve quality of life as well as your appearance.

Breast Reduction Before and After Photos

Reasons to Consider Breast Reduction

Breast reduction may be recommended for you if your oversized breasts are responsible for the following:

Chronic Pain or Irritation

If your breasts are unusually large, they may contribute to shoulder pain, back pain, neck pain, and headaches. These aches may be chronic and may worsen each day as the time passes. Excess breast tissue can also lead to skin irritation or even rashes beneath the breasts because the breast skin rubs against the skin of the upper abdomen. Overtaxed bra straps can leave grooves in the shoulders that can also be irritated or painful.

Shortness of Breath

The weight of oversized breasts can feel especially burdensome on the lungs. The pressure of the breasts on the lungs can lead to shortness of breath. Some women that struggle to find a sufficiently supportive bra may wear bras that are too small, which can further constrict the lungs. Shortness of breath can be compounded for women that also have asthma or other respiratory issues.

Premature Sagging

Overly large breasts tend to sag more quickly than smaller breasts. Gravity pulls the heavy weight of the breasts downward, leading to premature sagging. Even with a good bra, premature sagging can be difficult to disguise and can create the impression that you are older than you are.

Can’t Find Clothing That Fits

Women who have large breasts may constantly struggle when shopping for clothing. It is not uncommon to see that clothing either does not fit at all, or it fits in the bust but not anywhere else on the body. Because most clothing styles are made to fit a particular body type, and also because few clothing items are made to fit women with large breasts, this can severely limit clothing options.  

Difficult or Painful Exercise

Exercise is supposed to challenge the body and make it stronger, but not at the expense of your breasts. Heavy, oversized breasts can make exercise both challenging and painful. Some women may experience excruciating pain due to bouncing when attempting high-impact activities such as running. It is also common to be restricted and less mobile due to the obstacles that large breasts can be. More than one professional athlete has undergone breast reduction surgery and has been able to improve comfort, mobility, speed, and confidence as a result.

Psychological or Emotional Distress

Having oversized breasts can also lead to psychological or emotional distress. Amid dealing with chronic pain, discomfort, and other effects, women may attract unwelcome attention. This can result in emotional distress and psychological trauma, which may further impact the quality of life.

Poor Self-Esteem

Feeling confident in one’s own skin can seem like a foreign idea to a person with body image issues. Women with disproportionately large breasts may feel trapped or caged by their appearance. They may feel that others only see one part of them and that they cannot love their bodies. This prevents affected women from developing a strong sense of self-esteem and confidence, which can lead to a downward spiral in quality of life and limit real-life successes.

How Breast Reduction Surgery Can Help

Breast reduction surgery can resolve all of these issues and more. Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Benjamin Schlechter will discuss your needs with you and determine the perfect technique to help you accomplish your goals. For the surgery, excess tissue will be removed from the breasts to make them a more comfortable and attractive size. After a short recovery period, you will be able to enjoy the lighter and more balanced look and feel of your breasts. Typically, women experience a variety of benefits as a result of breast reduction surgery, including a reduction or elimination of chronic pain, improvements in self-esteem and well-being, and even the freedom to adopt a more active lifestyle. An additional benefit is that since some of these issues are a genuine health problem, qualifying candidates can undergo a medically necessary breast reduction in which a portion or all of the procedure is covered by medical insurance.

If you experience one or more of these problems associated with having overly large breasts, breast reduction surgery could be right for you. To discuss your options, schedule your personal consultation with our expert plastic surgeon, Dr. Benjamin Schlechter. Call (610) 678-9200 or contact us online to request your complimentary consultation today.

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