Be Choosy When Choosing Your Facelift Surgeon

If there’s ever a time to be “choosy,” it’s when you are selecting a surgeon to perform your facelift. The wrong choice could lead to disastrous consequences while the right choice could mean working with a surgeon who understands your goals and gives you even better results than you dreamed. Here are some tips for selecting a good surgeon that can give you a facelift with beautiful, natural-looking results.

Facelift Before and After Photos

What to Look For In a Facelift Surgeon

Board Certification in Plastic Surgery

Becoming certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) requires the surgeon to go above and beyond in the field of plastic surgery. A board-certified plastic surgeon has completed the required education and training in a specialty of medicine that is beyond the minimum requirements for obtaining a medical license. Additionally, the surgeon has passed specific examinations in the specialty of plastic and reconstructive surgery. Board-certified plastic surgeons demonstrate extensive knowledge, training, and expertise in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Membership in ASPS and ASAPS

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) have rigorous standards for their member surgeons. These requirements include board certification in plastic and reconstructive surgery, continuing education, comprehensive exams, performing surgery only in accredited facilities, and more. A facelift surgeon you can trust will be a member of these organizations.

Years of Experience

“Practice makes perfect” is not an empty phrase. Experience is the best teacher and provides many different circumstances in which to work so that the surgeon is ready for anything he may encounter. If a problem occurs during the procedure, an experienced surgeon will be better prepared to identify the situation quickly and navigate around it safely. Choosing a plastic surgeon with years of experience performing facelifts is definitely something you should consider when choosing your facelift surgeon.

Forward Thinking Strategies

Forward-thinking surgeons choose to learn about and use the best techniques, technologies, and supplies available. For example, the most forward-thinking facelift surgeons are not using drains but are using TISSEEL fibrin sealant to reduce bleeding and drainage. A surgeon that is using the latest technologies and techniques can usually provide the safest and best experience.

Other Important Points

Once you’ve narrowed your options, be sure to have a list of questions to ask your surgeon during your consultation. You should feel completely satisfied and comfortable with the surgeon’s answers to your questions and how the surgeon responds to you. Look at as many of the surgeon’s before and after photos as possible because these will give you a visual indicator of the quality of the surgeon’s results. Look carefully at how the skin pulls, how clean and inconspicuous the scars look, etc.

The best facelift surgeon will also recommend whether complete facial rejuvenation would be better accomplished with additional procedures as well. Yours may recommend combining your facelift with an eyelid liftbrow lift, and/or laser resurfacing around the mouth and under the eyes. The most natural facelift results are achieved with an experienced and skilled surgeon who understands precisely what your individual needs are and how to help you.

Benjamin Schlechter, MD, FACS, is a forward-thinking, board-certified plastic surgeon who meets all the above criteria and more. With more than 20 years of experience and memberships in the ASPS and ASAPS, Dr. Schlechter is well prepared to answer your questions and perform your facelift to your complete satisfaction. To schedule your complimentary consultation, please call (610) 678-9200 or contact us online today.

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