Is Liposuction Really Permanent?

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Many men and women turn to liposuction when diet and exercise are not enough to rid them of the unwanted pockets of fat that develop. While some men and women can maintain their liposuction results through a healthy diet and regular exercise, not everyone can.

For those who cannot, they often try to use the excuse that liposuction is not permanent, and liposuction only moves the fat to other regions of the body. Unfortunately for those trying to use that excuse, it is not a fact.

simulated before and after images that show potential results that can be achieved with liposuction-img-blog

Simulated before and after images that show potential results that can be achieved with liposuction.

Liposuction is permanent in that it permanently removes fat cells from the body that cannot be reproduced—liposuction does not move fat to another place. Maintaining liposuction results is the same as maintaining weight loss results. It is not always easy; however, it can be done with diet, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle.

How Does Liposuction Permanently Remove Fat?

Liposuction involves making small incisions in the treatment area through which a narrow, hollow tube, known as a cannula, is inserted to break up and suction out fat cells and fat. There are different liposuction techniques available, all of which arrive at the same place of fat cell reduction. These techniques vary in the way that the fat cells are broken apart, and some may allow for easier fat removal for qualifying patients. Smartlipo™ breaks up the fat cells using laser energy. Body-Jet® and AquaShape® separate the fat cells from healthy tissues with intense water pressure like a Waterpik®. Ultrasonic-assisted liposuction uses sound waves to break up fat cells, and power-assisted liposuction uses rapid vibrations to separate the fat from the tissues.

Once the fat cells are separated, a suctioning device pulls them out of the body. All of these liposuction techniques offer permanent solutions and come with minimal recovery and side effects.

How Is Liposuction Different From Weight Loss?

While liposuction can slim and tone your physique, it is not the same as weight loss. Liposuction removes fat cells from the body; weight loss minimizes the size of the fat cells but does not alter the number of cells. Every person is born with a set number of fat cells that cannot be increased or naturally reduced. Liposuction, or other cosmetic treatments, is the only way to reduce the quantity of fat cells in the body.


Why Does Fat Return Elsewhere?

When you experience an unhealthy diet, stress, or other weight-increasing factors, the fat cells expand and grow in size. This weight will develop in the regions with the highest number of fat cells. Since you have a reduced number of cells in the liposuction treatment area, the new weight will likely not develop there. Instead, it will seek out a different body region with a higher concentration of fat cells.

Can Liposuction Be Repeated on an Area?

The best way to maintain your liposuction results is through a healthy diet and exercise. Patients who are unable to do so may be interested in a repeated liposuction treatment. While liposuction can be repeated on the same area, it is typically not recommended. There may be existing scar tissue or other factors to deal with that were not present for the initial surgery. Before you choose to undergo liposuction for the second time in the same area, you should try to lose weight naturally.

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