SculpSure® vs. CoolSculpting®

Why SculpSure® Is Better for Fat Reduction

SculpSure® is one of the best treatments for non-invasive fat reduction in the cosmetic surgery industry today. This laser fat reduction system can reduce unwanted body fat without many of the downsides of other similar procedures. Here are some of the reasons why SculpSure® is better than CoolSculpting® and why it is Dr. Schlechter’s preferred treatment for fat reduction.

SculpSure® Before and After Photos

The Similarities and Differences Between SculpSure® and CoolSculpting®

SculpSure® and CoolSculpting® are both non-invasive fat reduction procedures. Both are FDA approved, and both produce results that improve over time after the initial treatment. Apart from these similarities, the procedures differ in a few key ways. One major difference is the method each uses to destroy the fat cells. SculpSure® uses laser heat technology to melt fat cells, while CoolSculpting® uses cooling technology to freeze them. Additional differences are the length of a treatment session, the number of treatments necessary, the recovery period, and the length of time needed to see the results. In all of these differences, SculpSure® is more favorable.  

The Advantages of SculpSure® Over CoolSculpting®

There are several advantages in using SculpSure® for fat removal instead of CoolSculpting®.

  • Shorter Treatment Time – SculpSure® has a shorter treatment session of only 25 minutes, while a CoolSculpting® treatment session lasts an entire hour.
  • Fewer Treatments Needed – Fewer treatments may be necessary with SculpSure® because it can treat up to four areas at once, whereas CoolSculpting® can only treat one area of the body at a time.
  • No Downtime and Quicker Recovery – SculpSure® also has no downtime or recovery period. CoolSculpting® may cause tingling or numbness and may require patients to refrain from strenuous activities for a little while.
  • Skin Tightening – While CoolSculpting® only offers the benefit of fat removal, SculpSure® may also lead to some skin tightening from the laser energy. This added benefit can improve the results and create even smoother body contours.
  • Quicker Results – Yet another benefit of SculpSure® is that most of the results are visible within only six to 12 weeks, whereas results from CoolSculpting® may take as long as four to six months to become noticeable.

SculpSure® is the top laser fat reduction system that modern technology has to offer. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Benjamin Schlechter can use SculpSure® to improve your body shape and contour. To schedule your appointment with Dr. Schlechter, call (610) 678-9200 today or fill out our online contact form at your earliest convenience.

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