Bottoming Out

Bottoming out is a surgical complication that may happen after breast augmentation. Dr. Schlechter can perform revisionary breast surgery to correct bottoming out and restore a natural breast shape and fullness.

Identifying Bottoming Out

When a breast implant slides down below the inframammary fold under the breast, it is known as “bottoming out.” This event causes the upper portion of the affected breast to lose volume and the nipple to point upward. It often occurs over time, which means it may not be immediately noticeable. For some women, the first definitive indication of bottoming out is when the inframammary scar is higher on the breast instead of along the inframammary fold. Other indicators include a poorly defined breast crease, pain, discomfort, and thinning skin at the base of the breast. Sometimes, bottoming out occurs simultaneously with double bubble deformity, producing the appearance of two breast bubbles.

Bottoming out is rare and affects only one to two percent of breast augmentation patients. It is more likely to occur if the breast tissue is over-dissected, the implant pocket is too low or too lateral, or the pocket is too big. It is also more likely to occur in patients who have large implants and little natural breast tissue.

The Solution Through Breast Revision

Breast revision surgery can correct bottoming out. Dr. Schlechter will surgically lift and tighten the tissues of the lower breast and resituate the implant. This may require the creation of a new breast pocket or suturing of the current breast pocket to prevent future implant movement. Dr. Schlechter will recreate the inframammary fold to normalize the appearance of the breasts. He may also recommend downsizing both implants if large implant size was a contributing factor to bottoming out in the first place. In finalizing the results of your breast revision procedure, Dr. Schlechter will ensure that bottoming out is fully reversed and that your breasts are properly balanced, symmetrical, natural-looking, and aesthetically pleasing.

Dr. Schlechter is known for his significantly low rate of capsular contracture and breast augmentation complications as compared to the national average among plastic surgeons. If you experience bottoming out or any other complication after breast augmentation surgery, come to Dr. Schlechter for a complimentary consultation for breast revision surgery. To request your appointment, call (610) 678-9200 or fill out our online contact form today.

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