Cellulaze™: The First and Only Long-Lasting Treatment for Cellulite

The Proserpi-Schlechter Center for Plastic Surgery is now offering Cellulaze cellulite treatment for Reading, Lancaster and Allentown patients. Cellulaze is the 1st procedure to reduce the look of cellulite for 1 year or more with 1 treatment.

Wyomissing, Pennsylvania (July 2012) –The Proserpi-Schlechter Center for Plastic Surgery (www.springridgeplasticsurgery.com) is now offering Cellulaze cellulite treatment for Reading, Lancaster and Allentown patients. This new technology goes beyond traditional treatments for cellulite, straight to the root of the problem, to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

“Until now, it has not been possible to treat cellulite effectively, but with the introduction of Cellulaze, I can finally give my patients the results they’ve been looking for,” said Dr. Schlechter. “I’m thrilled to be able to add this to my practice, providing my patients with one stop for all their cosmetic needs.”

In a recent survey, 82% percent of women reported having cellulite, most believing they could minimize its appearance with diet and exercise. However, cellulite can’t always be eliminated by diet and exercise alone. Now, for the first time, Cellulaze offers a safer and more effective treatment available to select physicians such as Dr. Schlechter nationwide.

Cellulaze is ideal for treating patients who, despite a healthy diet and exercise, retain the appearance of cellulite. Cellulaze gets to the core of the problem by targeting the cause beneath the skin. First, it delivers laser energy to the dermis, producing thicker skin and increased elasticity. It also thermally subscises fibrotic bands that pull down on the skin. Lastly, it contours for the improvement of herniated pockets or lumps of fat.

Cellulaze offers a new approach to the way physicians think about cellulite and as a result, treat cellulite. By utilizing this technology, and working with a skilled and qualified plastic surgeon, patients are now able to achieve lasting results they never thought possible – all from one simple treatment. Patients usually see initial improvement within a few weeks, with more improvement continuing to appear for a few months following the procedure.

For more information on the Cynosure® Cellulaze system and our other offerings, or to schedule a consultation, please call Proserpi-Schlechter Center for Plastic Surgery at (610) 678-9200.

Dr. Benjamin Schlechter is a board-certified plastic surgeon at the Proserpi-Schlechter Center for Plastic Surgery near Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He offers a full-range of plastic surgery options for the face, breast and body, as well as many non-surgical procedures such as BOTOX® and laser hair removal at his medical spa. Dr. Schlechter received his medical degree from the University of Health Sciences/The Chicago Medical School in Chicago, Illinois, and completed residency in general surgery at Case Western Reserve University and Mount Sinai Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio. He completed his residency and chief residency in Plastic Surgery at the University of Illinois – Chicago. He is affiliated with many professional organizations, such as the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery. Dr. Schlechter is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and has more than 28 years of experience.

Are you ready to say “goodbye” to cellulite for good? Request a consultation online. Or, call our office at (610) 678-9200.

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