Cellulaze™ Named 2012’s Most Innovative Aesthetic Treatment

Cellulaze was recently awarded the MyFaceMyBody Award for Most Innovative Aesthetic Treatment of 2012. Dr. Benjamin Schlechter, a plastic surgeon in the Allentown, PA area who offers Cellulaze, explains its success.

Wyomissing, Pennsylvania (January 2013) – Dr. Benjamin Schlechter, a plastic surgeon near Allentown, PA, wasn’t surprised when Cellulaze received the MyFaceMyBody Award for Most Innovative Aesthetic Treatment Award of 2012.

The minimally invasive cellulite treatment has been experiencing tremendous success, and Dr. Schlechter says he has seen growing interest in the procedure from his Lancaster and Allentown plastic surgery patients.

“Until recently, cellulite has been a very difficult condition to treat,” Dr. Schlechter says. “There have always been a lot of so-called ‘miracle’ products – creams or devices that are supposed to magically smooth away the dimpled, cottage-cheese appearance that cellulite causes. Unfortunately, however, these treatments often don’t create satisfactory or lasting results.”

Cellulaze is considered by physicians and patients alike to be a true breakthrough in the treatment of cellulite. The MyFaceMyBody Awards are based on nominations by experts in the aesthetic, beauty and dental industry. Consumers ultimately vote on the awards at MyFaceMyBody.com.

“I am very pleased with the results that Cellulaze produces, and my patients are, too,” Dr. Schlechter says. “Cellulite is one of the most common cosmetic concerns, and has traditionally been one of the most resistant to treatment. It’s exciting to finally be able to offer a real solution.”

Even slender people can have cellulite, and wouldn’t benefit from a fat reduction procedure such as liposuction, the Allentown, PA area surgeon says.

“Some people don’t need much fat removed. They only need a treatment that smooths the skin’s surface and improves the skin’s quality, and that’s where Cellulaze comes in.”

Cellulaze works by treating the fibrous bands of tissue below the skin, which pull down and create a lumpy, uneven surface. In addition, it stimulates the production of collagen, which can lead to thicker, smoother, more elastic skin.

“The procedure only requires a couple of very small incisions, through which I insert a specially designed laser tool,” Dr. Schlechter says. “The laser energy releases the fibrous tissue bands that cause the uneven skin surface, and liquefies herniated pockets of fat that contribute to the problem. The treatment also sends the body a signal to start producing more collagen.”

At Proserpi-Schlechter Center for Plastic Surgery, Dr. Schlechter’s patients also turn to Cellulaze to tighten skin on the neck and arms for a more youthful appearance.

“With the results I’ve seen, it’s easy to understand why Cellulaze was chosen as a winner in the field of innovation,” Dr. Schlechter said. “It is the first FDA-approved surgical procedure that effectively treats the frustrating effects of cellulite.”

If you have tried to eliminate cellulite with diet, exercise or special creams without success, it’s time to learn more about Cellulaze. To find out if Cellulaze can help you, request a consultation online. Or, call our Wyomissing office at (610) 678-9200 to schedule your appointment.

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