Plastic Surgery Patients Travel for Qualified Labiaplasty Surgeon

Women from larger communities such as Allentown and Lancaster, PA travel to Proserpi-Schlechter Center for Plastic Surgery for labiaplasty with Dr. Benjamin Schlechter, a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in this delicate procedure.

Wyomissing, Pennsylvania (January 2013) – Awareness of labiaplasty procedures continues to grow, as do the number of women opting for these intimate surgeries. Dr. Benjamin Schlechter of Proserpi-Schlechter Center for Plastic Surgery has earned a reputation for this type of plastic surgery, and Allentown and Lancaster, PA women travel to his practice in Wyomissing for surgery with him.

Labiaplasty, or surgery for reducing enlarged or protruding labia, has grown in popularity, yet there are still relatively few plastic surgeons in the Allentown, PA area who offer it. In fact, there are only a handful of plastic surgeons in the entire state performing labiaplasty surgery.

“Although awareness is growing, it’s a treatment that still doesn’t receive a lot of attention,” says Dr. Schlechter of the labiaplasty procedure. “Women are often self-conscious or embarrassed to discuss problems with their genitals. Labiaplasty provides cosmetic enhancement as well as physical relief from discomfort. I feel it’s important that we, as plastic surgeons, educate women about this procedure.”

Dr. Schlechter has extensive training and experience in plastic surgery of the labia. He says that enhancement of the labia goes beyond aesthetics. For some women, stretched or enlarged labia cause physical discomfort during exercise or intimacy.

“Many times the issue is congenital,” says Dr. Schlechter. “Some women are born with long or enlarged labia. In other cases, the condition is a result of external factors, most commonly childbirth. In either case, oversize labia can be a source of embarrassment and discomfort. Certain clothing or activities can be uncomfortable, even painful, and some women may feel self-conscious. Labiaplasty provides relief, eliminating the physical and emotional discomfort that can come with this condition.”

Another reason women travel to Dr. Schlechter’s practice for the labiaplasty in Reading is the privacy, convenience, and safety of his in-office surgical suite. Located within the Reading Hospital, the state-licensed facility utilizes a certified registered nurse anesthetist with whom Dr. Schlechter has worked exclusively for more than 15 years. The RN administers local anesthesia with IV sedation, which reduces risk, cost, and recovery time for labiaplasty patients.

Learn more about the cosmetic and physical enhancements possible with labiaplasty. Request a consultation online or call our office at (610) 678-9200.

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